Thursday, September 24, 2015

Chapter 1:  Three Surprises About Change…they surprised me too!
Jen went with a simple question to start the post/conversation.  I, too, was intrigued with the elephant and the rider and am anxious to hear what folks have to say about the relationship between the two.  However, I think what intrigued me more were some of what the authors considered “the surprises”…to me they were actually “AHA” moments.  First, “Self-control is an exhaustible resource.”  Who knew? And, as the authors stated, “What looks like laziness is often exhaustion.” Next, “If you want people to change you must provide crystal clear directions.”  WOW. This really struck a chord.  I think we see this as a problem in education a lot, and not just related to students.  The authors explained, “What looks like resistance is oven a lack of clarity.”  This really resonated with me as a professional.

I felt this chapter does a good job setting the stage and getting the reader excited about what’s coming.  I am looking forward to finding out the best ways to get the rider and elephant on the same page, and learning how to shape the path.  

I wonder if anyone else had any aha moments while reading this?  

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The elephant and the rider (analogy or metaphor)

I have thought a lot about the elephant and the rider that is discussed in chapter 1.  I am not exactly sure what to make of it.  I have some ideas but I am left contemplating the relationship between the elephant and the rider?  Anyone?