Monday, October 19, 2015

Chapter 2: Find the Bright Spots

Here are my thoughts on Chapter 2:
     Look from within an organization for solutions, the change is then considered internal  and not from an external force.  It lends validity to the change  because it is already happening and by a known source.    Instead of focusing on what's going wrong, focus on what's going right.  Change is initiated  from a strength based position instead of a weakness based one.  Use effective questioning as a technique for pulling solutions from someone. Many times the solutions are already within ourselves, we just have to reason through them and be able to articulate it.
     The only thing that I didn't think was addressed was the environment in which all these things will occur.  There has to be trust and an understanding amongst all stake holders that the purpose of  using this lens is not to call people out but to pull from the expertise within.  It's not a process that  should be viewed from a personal perspective.   Instead it should be viewed from the following:   this is what works with our kids.  Let's share, reflect and make it our own.